BumbleMeow was named after our cat (with eight paws up from her doggy brothers). We are a Seattle based consulting company offering design and development of multi-media products with minimal footprint and short lead-time. All creative work (design, art, and music), development, testing, and release are done in-house without third-party dependencies.

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BebeBoop and CookieAMA are self-funded projects while BebeBoop was created in tribute to our furry kids. Both games are non-commercial products and do not receive any private funding or investment. We are committed to making both games available free-to-all.

BebeBoop supports one or more players (as many fingers and paws that can fit onto the screen). You will never play alone as your avatar will always keep you company throughout the game. Different accessories for your avatar will enable them to do silly things getting your attention and making you smile. If your avatar is getting too whiny or it is their nap time, boop them once and they will go take a nap for the remaining game.

Fun and cute games worth sharing with everyone including our pets! Accessability therefore is a must when designing our games which we have done a lot of research to understand and address different needs. Our design focuses on shapes and sizes while avoiding some common problematic combinations to make our games more visually challenge friendly. Our music compositions, choice of instruments and sound effects, are composed, arranged, and designed to match the theme of individual Posters without any abrupt changes. Both music and sound effects can be turned off separately when needed. Speed control, ranging from snail to bird mode, can be adjusted at the start or during the game, whether for challenging yourself and others or setting an enjoyable pace for individual preference, parties, therapy, rehabilitation or attracting pets.

Whether your furry kids are staring contest winners or zoomies (or both), individual gameplays ("Posters") are designed with adjustable speed control ranging from snail to bird speed combining shapes, sizes, movement, sound ... etc. to get your furry kids more engaged. Our game may seem like an ordinary bubble popping game at a glance but individual gameplays are carefully designed based on researches. Try different Posters and adjust the speed to see which settings work best for your furry kids. Share your feedback on the App Store, we may make something special for future releases.

This is caused by the multitasking gestures control on your device confusing with four and five gesture swipe. Please go to your device Settings under General --> Gestures (or Multitasking and dock for older devices) to turn off multitasking gestures when playing with four or more fingers and paws.

Our games are well balanced between technical, audio, and visual assets optimizing for most mobile devices manufactured within the past 10 years. This requires strong communication, coordination, and willing to accept challenges ahead of trends or 'crazy' requirements!is language, engine, and platform independent whilebridges the gap between design and implementation challenges giving the best experience possible.

Our regular games are meant to be a quick pick-me-up whether you are waiting in line or with limited screen time. For parties or road trips, marathon mode will come in handy to extend our games without re-starting.

BebeBoop is a family game. We want to provide wholesome activities such as crafting and singing beyond screen time keeping families and friends entertained and engaged. This is the same reason why we have avatars, a bunch of accessories and photo booth for our games. It is fun yet rewarding while encouraging creativity and sharing with others.

When designing games for families and pets, device compatability is one of our major requirements. We researched, evaluated, and tried different technologies such as SpriteKit, Gideros Mobile, Solar2D, Defold, libGDX, Unity and selected Godot Engine at the end. SpriteKit provided adequate performance on iOS yet lacks support for Android platform. Unity is a popular game engine for desktop 3D game development, but the initial overhead has already exceeded our requirements to support older and basic mobile devices. Another challenge is the use of lossy compression for textures which greatly degraded our images and multiplied their size unpredictably. We spent most of the time hunting down issues and work-arounds instead of focusing on designing something awesome.

Since Godot supports multiple platforms with lossless image compression, we are able to release BebeBoop and CookieAMA for both iOS and Android with minimal download size while keeping the design cute and pretty. In addition to the choice of libraries, our game design and assets had to be optimized for older and lower powered mobile devices. Our variable play speed allows for easier or harder game play while slower speeds decrease resource utilization as needed.

No, it is not AI. Instead of predicting your questions, our logic predicts patterns as to answer your questions either directly or indirectly with the least number of tries. Certain limitations, such as classic fortune cookie messages for learning Chinese, are taken into account as to determine which best meets the criteria for what should be drawn next.

Random selection logic is a tough cookie even AAA games stumble on it at times. True random does not work well in practice as most people perceive random as 'not getting duplicates' or 'less duplicates'. Whether with huge sample sizes (which is not feasible for local mobile games) or quantity limits in nature (such as rolling dice), using standard algorithms lead to poor user experience despite some may argue it is legally and logically acceptable. There are many ways to fine tune random logic; however, our design and proprietary random logic work synchronously giving a natural feel of 'duplicate' without experiencing any extremes.

As long as we know there are families, friends and pets enjoying our games, we are committed to releasing more fun Posters and Cookies when we have ideas and as time permits. Please share your feedback through the app stores and our YouTube channel.

We are not affiliated with any animal shelters. We love all animals and we firmly believe in "Don't buy, adopt!"

Since our company runs on a limited budget, we need to be super handy outside of work from cooking, food science, chemistry (such as making environmentally friendly products), sewing, appliance repair, auto repair, woodworking, urban farming and even roofing! Interestingly, this gives us opportunities to see how we may use our knowledge and experience to develop affordable technology solutions to better assist daily lives for general consumers without requiring advanced skill-sets, installation expertise ... etc.

While functional testing was performed primarily locally, we wrote test automation tools for compatibility and regression testing against 50+ mobile devices both locally and on device farm. Stress testing was covered by device classes targeting resource leaks in addition to custom testing on some obsolete and less known devices. Due to the nature of mobile device fragmentation, it is inefficient to test individual devices manually but leveraging automation to identify potential issues for further investigation. Our custom test tools support rapid release with minimal resources required.

Mobile devices targeting kids, seniors, budget users, and pets, generally come with basic features and limited capacity regardless of their manufactured year. This is why storage limitation is important when developing games for families and pets of all ages.

The main drivers of battery consumption on mobile devices are the CPU, GPU and network traffic. We optimize the size of our assets (images and sound files) as to minimize the amount of data processed by the CPU and GPU. Our games do not require an internet connection to play or log-in and we never collect personal data which eliminates any hidden network related battery usage. We use texture atlases and other techniques to minimize OpenGL draw calls, which further reduces CPU, GPU, and battery utilization.

Thank you for considering to share our games with your audience. We value and respect your opinion on our games with your experience. Our games provide screen capture saving while additional information, including game demos, are available on our website. Please do not hesitate to contact us at press@bumblemeow.com if you need further assistance or additional information.

We appreciate your feedback 😊. We encourage our users to share their feedback and feature requests directly on the app stores for the fastest response. You may contact us at feedback@bumblemeow.com alternatively.