Image of Joshua Davis

Joshua Davis

Senior Software Engineer

Worked for Seattle based big tech and the Department of Defense to design and develop tools, performance profiling and automation contributing to ASIC design tools, in-flight WiFi systems.

Decided to make the first mobile game that families can play with their furry kids in tribute to our beloved, the creation of "BebeBoop".

Enjoys home improvement projects, woodworking, auto repair and urban farming outside of work.

Image of Julianna Chow

Julianna Chow

Solutions Architect/ Artist

Well recognized talent in music and art. Worked for Seattle based big tech, Big 4 consulting firm and the Department of Defense. Designed high availability architectures, monitoring, analyzing, forecasting, and logging strategies for handling massive volumes of systems, transactions and sensitive data.

Departed from work caring forand formed the 'BumbleMeow, LLC' with Josh developing creative media and mobile games bringing technology, music, and art together.

Biography card for the Trio of Inspiration

Furry Kids

The Trio of Inspiration

Providing endless love, comfort and joy, the inspiration behind the "BebeBoop" mobile game.

Biography card for Backyard Creative Team

Seattle Natives

Creative Team/ Choreographers

Well recognized talent finding each others stashes. Providing visual development and live-action references for game animation.