A Seattle based consulting company offering:

  • Custom mobile and desktop software
  • Digital product design and development
  • System and application review and consulting
  • Music composition, arrangement, recording and mastering
  • Sound and spatial audio design for games and multimedia ads
  • 2D/3D graphic design and illustration

Illustration of The Engineer



Illustration of the go-to



Illustration of the BumbleMeow Founder

General Meowager

Meowaging day-to-day operations

Keeping all projects in 'scoop' and on (feeding) schedule.

Illustration of the Solutions Barkitect

Solutions Barkitect

The Mastermind

Always sees opportunities ahead of everyone. Your loss is his gain. Your gain is his gain.

Illustration of the Chief of Cybear Security

Chief of Cybear Security

24x7 360° Monitoring

Gathering, investigating, and pawing on all potential security threats.

Illustration of the Backyard Creative Team

The Backyard Creative Team


Well recognized talent finding others stashes. Providing visual development and live-action references for game animation.

Providing seasoned contributions. 100% organic. Nothing is too small.